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Mon Jan 9 09:03:57 PST 2017

Hi guys,

I wonder how should I install GemStone on ubuntu. Let me give you context so I can better ask you for your advice:

We are developing the beta version of a SaaS and we have a setup that has 3 parts:

1. local develop environment (macOS)
2. staging server (publishes automated updates when pushing to the develop branch)
3. production server (this is a different physical host than staging and publishes automated updates when pushing to master branch)

I’m thinking in doing an installation of gemstone in the staging host and another in the production host. Both have ubuntu 16.04 and I think the best is each to have 1 stone of its own.

So far I’m good with my local dev setup, so now I wonder a bit on how I’d do the devops for the GemStone part.

So questions:

1. What’s the recommended way to install a small stone with seaside REST and NeoJSON for those hosts
2. How can I use MockGemstone on Pharo, save the packages and get them into the stone? can be automated?
3. Do you have any suggestion to make a CI to trigger an update on the server when I push a commit to develop or master? (I can make it at the beginning no problem but I’d try to be automated instead of human intervention on those updates)


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