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> Hi guys,
> I wonder how should I install GemStone on ubuntu. Let me give you context
> so I can better ask you for your advice:
> We are developing the beta version of a SaaS and we have a setup that has
> 3 parts:
> 1. local develop environment (macOS)
> 2. staging server (publishes automated updates when pushing to the develop
> branch)
> 3. production server (this is a different physical host than staging and
> publishes automated updates when pushing to master branch)
> I’m thinking in doing an installation of gemstone in the staging host and
> another in the production host. Both have ubuntu 16.04 and I think the best
> is each to have 1 stone of its own.
> So far I’m good with my local dev setup, so now I wonder a bit on how I’d
> do the devops for the GemStone part.
> So questions:
> 1. What’s the recommended way to install a small stone with seaside REST
> and NeoJSON for those hosts

Probably you want to use gsDevKit_home for creating the stones [1] and
likely those for seaside [2].

> 2. How can I use MockGemstone on Pharo, save the packages and get them
> into the stone? can be automated?

What I do, is to have all those packages (including MockGemstone) in my
Metacello conf ConfigurationOfMyApp.
So... all I have to do on the server is a metacello load.

> 3. Do you have any suggestion to make a CI to trigger an update on the
> server when I push a commit to develop or master? (I can make it at the
> beginning no problem but I’d try to be automated instead of human
> intervention on those updates)

Not 100% to answer your question, but you may want to take a look to this
CI project as it works in Pharo and GemStone [3]


[1]  https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_home
[2] https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_seaside31
[3] https://github.com/hpi-swa/smalltalkCI

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