[Glass] orphaned classes do not disappear

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Fri Mar 17 09:10:15 PDT 2017

Hi Dale,

> On 16 Mar 2017, at 23:14, Dale Henrichs via Glass <glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> wrote:
> Is the object that you are searching for holding onto a lot other state or otherwise preventing you from upgrading? If it is just an annoyance?

As there are no instances of these classes anymore, it’s an annoyance, as I’m wondering what is referencing these classes.
I just did a bit more poking and when I emptied the method dictionaries for these classes, many of them were garbage collected.

It’s not just our own classes, but I also see a lot of Metacello* and XML* class(-versions) in that list.

I will probably just try what you suggested and see what info I get in 3.3.3 

> If you consider it a real problem and you are willing to share a copy of your db, we'd be willing to try to figure out what's going on --- in our case, we'd more than likely upgrade the db ourselves and debug the issue there ... if it is still an issue:)

Thx, if I’m still lost in a week from now, I might just send in a ticket for help :)

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