[Glass] Workaround to browser maximum connection limit ?

Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Mar 20 17:01:56 PDT 2017

Hi guys,

In my app I have one scenario where we render huge reports. These reports
could have say... 20/30 large tables as well as quite some charts and some
other report elements.

Previously we were using a single ajax request to generate the whole report
html but that was a pain because client machine would have a really large
TTFB. So I was wasting CPU and network at client machine while waiting.

What we did now is that each report element renders a title + spinning
while and does an ajax request which, on success does a #replaceWith:  with
the real contents. The idea is to show the report as soon as possible and
start replacing spinning wheels with real contents as soon as content is
ready. That way I maximize CPU and network on client side.

The second thing is that making this on AJAX calls, that would end up on
different Gems on my GemStone which was very performant. I have 10 Seaside
gems on a 8 cores CPU so all those AJAX request were load balanced via
nginx over the 10 seaside gems, which on the other hand were split across
all cores. Previously, with a single request, only one Gem took care and
hence only one CPU core was used.

This change was nice and improved performance. However, when I analyze
requests, I see that I have many that are "Stalled". And yeah, on Chrome,
they are all stalled when there is more than 6 requests to the same

To conclude, it looks like i am doing what is called "Loading page content
with many Ajax requests" [1]. But I still don't find an easy workaround. I
would like to be able to use my 10 Gems over the 8 CPU cores....

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


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