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> Hi Dale,
> On 07/11/2017 18:26, Dale Henrichs via Glass wrote:
>> First question, RPC gems inherit the environment variable from the
>> netldi, so any env vars you want the RPC gem to see need to be set before
>> starting the netldi.
> Thanks for confirming, that is how I understood it...
> The second question (log everything in one spot) is why I asked the
>> version question, because I seem to recall that there are cases where not
>> all logs got handled correctly, but as I think about it the problem areas
>> may have been relatively special cases and/or version specific bugs. I'll
>> wait until you get the basic logging working with GEMSTONE_NRS_ALL before
>> digging deeper.
>> As shameless a plug for using GsDevKit_home, you can set custom env vars
>> in a per stone custom_stone.env. As Mariano mentions GEMSTONE_LOGDIR
>> defines the log location and here is the NRS expression used:
>> The custom_stone.env script is executed before starting your netldi, when
>> using startNetldi and before starting a topaz session when using
>> startTopaz.
> How does this work? Is $GEMSTONE_LOGDIR is then set in the netldi
> environment based on your previous answer? Because in that case it will be
> the same for all RCP gems started per netldi... or does GsDevKit_home start
> a separate netldi per stone?
The latter :)

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