[Glass] GsDevKit_home newbie questions

Bernhard Pieber via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Thu Nov 23 14:58:26 PST 2017

Hi all,

I have installed GsDevKit_home on my Mac and managed to get the Seaside counter example working. Since I am a complete newbie to GsDevKit_home and tODE I have a ton of questions. ;-)

First, is GsDevKit_home only meant for development purposes or also for use on a production server?

I could not get Seaside working using port 1750 as used in „Getting started with Seaside“. When I used port 7100 it worked.

However, when I restarted my Mac, it stopped working. I guess I need to restart the stone. I tried „startStone -b seaside_34“. The stone started, however the following error is printed to stdout:

waitstone[Error]: Network service !#dir:/Users/bernhard/Documents/GsDevKit_home/server/stones/seaside_34/logs#log:%N%P.log#server!seaside_34 was not found.
Network lookup failure; could not find server 'seaside_34' on host 'MacBookProRetina.local' because file not found: /opt/gemstone/locks/seaside_34..LCK;  service seaside_34 not found ; NetLDI service 'gs64ldi' not found on node 'localhost6' port 50377 :
connect(7,::ffff:,port=50377) failed with errno=22,EINVAL, Invalid argument (programmer error)

Is that something to be worried about?

While netldi, stoned and three gem processes are started, Seaside does not listen on port 7100. Why is that? Shouldn’t at least one of the gems serve Seaside requests? How can I start Seaside so that it survives restarting the stone?

One final question, I guess for production I’d need a web server like nginx or Apache in front of the stone, right?

Thanks for your terrific work!


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