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Hi Sergio,

The fact that tODE is based on Pharo, is nothing to do with your app
development. tODE could have been written in Java and for you it's exactly
the same. You don't care it's Pharo. It's just an IDE for GemStone. so you
have 2 choice... or either develop with tODE (against GemStone) and make
your app also to run there (no need of your app to have compatibility with
Pharo) or ... develop  in Pharo and the via Metacello/Git load your code on
GemStone (via tODE) and deploy there. In this case you app likely needs to
have some compatibility as you want to run it in Pharo and GemStone.


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> Hi all..
> I am starting to look at GsDevKit_home, and noticed that it’s pharo 3. The
> project that I am working on is Pharo 6. I am wondering if pharo 3 is just
> the vector for tODE, and I don’t need to worry about it, and I can continue
> developing in my Pharo 6 environment, and deploy using tODE, or if i need
> to actually use tODE for development.
> Thanks!
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