[Glass] locale-sensitive code loading in Gemstone (and issue from code)

Johan Brichau johan at yesplan.be
Sat Dec 8 05:29:31 PST 2018


I noticed the parser in Gemstone is locale-dependent for float and scaled-decimal literals.
When I’m running the US locale, the decimal separator is a dot (e.g. 3.14).
However, when I’m running the BE_nl locale, the decimal separator becomes a comma (e.g. 3,14).

In addition, since GS 3, the string comparison is also dependent on the locale (with Unicode comparison mode).

This is rather awkward when loading code as I need to be careful my terminal does not set the local to BE_nl or I will hit some compiler errors or other different string comparison behavior than with the US locale.
In addition, I have been unable to make sure the locale is set to US when running Tode in a client-server setup… but I have not yet explored in depth.

Are we the only ones struggling with this issue?
What is the best strategy to deal with it?

I’ll be diving into this a bit deeper over the next few days.

Best regards,

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