[Glass] locale-sensitive code loading in Gemstone (and issue from code)

Richard Sargent richard.sargent at gemtalksystems.com
Tue Dec 11 17:18:55 PST 2018

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> Hi,
> I noticed the parser in Gemstone is locale-dependent for float and
> scaled-decimal literals.
> When I’m running the US locale, the decimal separator is a dot (e.g.
> 3.14).
> However, when I’m running the BE_nl locale, the decimal separator becomes
> a comma (e.g. 3,14).
> In addition, since GS 3, the string comparison is also dependent on the
> locale (with Unicode comparison mode).
> This is rather awkward when loading code as I need to be careful my
> terminal does not set the local to BE_nl or I will hit some compiler
> errors or other different string comparison behavior than with the US
> locale.
> In addition, I have been unable to make sure the locale is set to US when
> running Tode in a client-server setup… but I have not yet explored in
> depth.
> Are we the only ones struggling with this issue?
> What is the best strategy to deal with it?

Based on the lack of response, you do appear to be the only one. (I don't
know why, as one would expect every non-US (or non-decimal /point/) country
to have similar problems.

I believe you have a support contract, so you might be best off creating a
repeatable test case and submitting a help request.

> I’ll be diving into this a bit deeper over the next few days.
> Best regards,
> Johan
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