[Glass] Metacello Preview / tODE Questions

Ken Treis via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Tue Feb 27 14:08:16 PST 2018

I have an old 3.2.15 repository full of important data, and I managed to (mostly) install tODE in it, but now I have lots of (probably newbie) questions about tODE and Metacello Preview.

1. Are ConfigurationOf* classes obsolete? If so, what replaces them? Most of the intro docs just talk about baselines, which now live in separate classes — and often separate packages — thus apparently disconnecting baseline specs from version specs.

2. Is it possible to load a specific version of Seaside (in my case, using tODE? Everything I'm reading seems to be targeted at loading baselines.

3. I'm able to connect to the old repository on my (headless) server with both tODE and GemTools, but I can't seem to `project install` Seaside:

tode 1 > project install --url=http://gsdevkit.github.io/GsDevKit_home/Seaside3.ston
Topez ERROR: a TodeCommandError occurred (error 121000), No such node: '/sys/local/server/projects/'

I've got a $GS_HOME/sys/local/server/projects directory, both on the client and the server. Which of these is the one that matters, and what do I have mis-configured such that tODE can't find it? I tried both the `--local` and `--stone` arguments to no avail.

Thanks in advance for help with any of these.

Ken Treis
Miriam Technologies, Inc.
(866) 652-2040 x221

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