[Glass] Restore backup

Trussardi Dario Romano via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Tue Oct 30 12:51:19 PDT 2018

> Dario,
> In the tODE shell try running the following:
> script --script=rebuildSys
	I do this command  in the system where i restored the data ( Where the system is "unstable" after the SystemRepository restoreFromBackup: ..... ) 

> If you get some walkbacks about missing directories go ahead press the terminate button ... most of the repair should be complete ... the repository paths will have to be repaired separately.

The system answer the following error:
		a InternalError occurred ( error 2261 ) , The object with object ID remoteNil is corrupt.

		Reason 'store past end'

	I press the Abort for some time.

	After 60 seconds the Ubuntu system open a window :

		" The application		 gem		 has closed unexpectedly "

	The system is running with 86% of memory (of  8GB )	 and  Swap at 81% ( of 8GB )

	The tode shell report :		GciSessionNotLoggedInError: Session no longer logged in
	The recent gem log file is:

	I need to restart the system ?

	Now when i do the tode shell		ws 	command  i have:

			a error dialog and do some click on the Abort  button the tode shell report after 50 seconds:
					GciSessionNotLoggedInError: Session no longer logged in.
> When I did a restore to a different machine I did notice that doing an `ls` in the tODE shell gave me an "odd" result, but I didn't see the issues that you were reporting ... rebuildSys should connect the tODE directory structure to the current GsDevKit_home directory structure ... if you copy over your git repositories to $GS_HOME/shared/repos then the missing repo directory errors might go away --- 
> If they don't I should be able to suggest additional things to try ... at the end of the day, we should be able to build up a repair script that properly repairs the tODE structures when you are restoring to completely different machine ... a use case that I had not planned for ... but a use case that I think is important ...

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