[Glass] Installing GsDevKit on Debian 10 succeeds but create a Pharo 7 client fails

ian ian at icjohnson.com
Tue Jul 30 10:36:05 PDT 2019


I sort of got this working, I think, by manually using the pharo command to
copy the clientTmp.image to the pharoClient.image.

Now I can launch a pharoClient.

I am at this point confused.  When creating the default tode client I get
all the gemstone libraries and tools.  The pharo 7 client is just that: A
Pharo 7 client.

Should not the Pharo 7 build option to create client give me Pharo 7 and
'and' the Gemstone packages? 

It can't be what the customClientLoad.st file is supposed to do as when I
manually create it then run the commands as directed in the script I still
do not get the classes.


This is not what I was expecting at all...

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