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Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Fri Oct 11 10:05:17 PDT 2019

On 10/11/19 8:12 AM, BrunoBB via Glass wrote:
> /I'm also curious if you (or anyone else for that matter) has some time
> to work on the port of the devKitCommandLine support from Pharo 3.0 to
> GemStone 3.5.0 ... I would be able to supply a 3.5.0 tode image with
> Rowan/FileSystem support installed that could be used for porting work.
> Once the port is done, I would be able to create the replacement
> devKitCommandLine st_launcher script that would use the ported
> devKitCommandLine code and st_launcher to replace the Pharo 3.0 image ... /
> Dale,
> I'm willing to help but my available time will depend on other factors.
Excellent ... any help is appreciated ...
> Definitely i'm interested to help on this task.
> A Github repo should be created to clone everything locally i think...

There are a couple of github repos that would be involved:

    https://github.com/GemTalk/Rowan              - Tonel class-file
    https://github.com/dalehenrich/st_launcher - cross platform Tonel
    Class File script implementation
    https://github.com/dalehenrich/stash           - command line
    argument parsing and abstract script handling support

When I said "supply a 3.5.0 tODE image" I was thinking that I would put 
together a set of GsDevKit_home scripts for creating the development 
stone (tODE + Rowan + stash + st_launcher).

I've created an Issue[1] with a top-level outline of the tasks to be 
done and a project[2] where more fine-grained tasks can be managed.

There are about 25 separate commands implemented in the 
devKitCommandLine image. Some of the commands operate on the file system 
and/or start/stone stones --- these should be relatively easy to 
replace. Other commands (like loadTode) operate on another stone via GCI 
and will be a bit more of a challenge to implement, but I think that 
there are probably multiple ways to implement those commands ... less 
convenient that using GCI, but still doable ...

The first task in issue #260 is to "create scripts for building a 
TodeClient/st_launcher/Rowan development stone, where TodeClient port 
will take place" and that is on my plate ... I will create an issue_260 
branch for GsDevKit_home and set up the basic scripts that are needed to 
start development... When I've got that done, I'll send mail to this 
list and we can start farming out tasks.

I will try to get this task done in the next week ... I've got most of 
the scripts in place already, but they are spread out amongst a number 
of different stones/machines:) Oh, and of course the Rowan and 
st_launcher projects are under active development, so I will need to 
create some branches that can be used to provide stable versions to work 
against ...

I encourage other folks to think about contributing to this project ... 
when we get to the point where we've identified some more specific 
tasks, we'll open individual issues that can be taken by a developer to 
work on ... we've all got our own work that needs to be done, but 
spreading the work out over a number of developers will get this project 
completed sooner than it would if we had to wait for me to carve out 
enough time to complete it all myself (realistically I wouldn't have 
that kind of time until next fall/winter).

I will be available to coordinate and advise/research/collaborate on 
some of the stickier problems ... I just can't commit full time to the 
project right now ...


[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_home/issues/260
[2] https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_home/projects/3
> regards,
> bruno
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