[Glass] Trouble connecting a Windows client to GS 3.5.x

Ralph Mauersberger ralph.mauersberger at gmx.net
Mon Mar 23 11:57:00 PDT 2020

Hello Bruno,
thank you for your reply and sorry for my delay!
No, I'm not working over a mobile network, I'm connected via Wifi and a
standard internet router setup on a fixed line.

I found the time and spent another few hours on that issue.
Now my findings are as follows:
* I still can connect with tODE/Jade to the GS 3.4.x stones through the
SSH tunnel. (Gem host is localhost in this case)
* I still can NOT connect with tODE/Jade to the GS 3.5.x stones through
the SSH tunnel. (Gem host is localhost in this case)
* If I try to connect to the 3.5.x stones through the SSH tunnel using a
session configuration for 3.4.x, this doesn't work, but netldi logs:
"accept failed,  invalid response (old version client?) Invalid client
connectKind". This proves, that the 3.5.x netldi is listening and the
SSH tunnel is working.
* If I open the firewall on my server and expose the netldi port of the
3.5.x stone to the internet (which probably is not the best idea) I can
connect to the 3.5.x stones! (Gem host is set to the public IP of the
* When I try to connect to 3.5.x though the SSH tunnel using localhost
as Gem host, there is absolutely no network traffic on the netldi port.
(Monitored with Wireshark)

So it is kind of weird, but for me it looks as if the 3.5.x  gci libs
don't support localhost as a valid destination address...

Best regards,

Am 20.03.2020 um 00:15 schrieb BrunoBB via Glass:
> Hi,
> With GS 3.5.1, Jade and Windows 8 i can connect without problems.
> Do you have a wireless internet modem ?
> I have one Huawei modem and when i connect it to the computer --> i can NOT
> log to GS from my windows client. I have to switch to Wifi to login.
> May be not your case but ....
> regards,
> bruno
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