[Glass] Trouble connecting a Windows client to GS 3.5.x

Ralph Mauersberger ralph.mauersberger at gmx.net
Tue Mar 24 09:51:27 PDT 2020


no, unfortunately the situation did not change. What I wanted to express
with 'myFullQualifiedDomainName' is: If I change the configuration from
gemHost being set to localhost and enter the DNS-Name or alternatively
the public IPv4-Address of the server instead, then the connect works.
But in this case the SSH-Tunnel gets bypassed and the connection from
the client to the netldi is done directly through the internet. This
requires that the netldi port is accessible from the internet, what is
probably not the recommended way to go. I assume, that access to netldi
should be limited to trusted networks.

If I consider all the results of my different tests, the only conclusion
I can reach is, that it is still not possible -- for whatever reason --
to connect a Windows client to a GS 3.5.x stone if the gemHost in the
session configuration equals localhost, as it is necessary if a
SSH-tunnel should be used.

I assume the I'm a rare species, since probably most guys are running
their clients on Linux or Mac. So it would be good to know if anybody
else has been able to successfully test this scenario.



Am 24.03.2020 um 02:22 schrieb Dale Henrichs via Glass:
> Ralph,
> So then setting the gemHost to point to `myFullQualifiedDomainName`
> was the missing ingredient?
> If so, I'm glad that we've got it figured out ... the remote netldi
> configuration can indeed be complicated:)
> Dale
> On 3/23/20 2:22 PM, Ralph Mauersberger via Glass wrote:
>> If I substitute...
>>         #gemHost : 'localhost',
>> with...
>>         #gemHost : 'myFullQualifiedDomainName',
>> ...the connect will work.
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