[Glass] Gemstone 3.6.0 is now working with GsDevKit (in a ", " locale oriented environment)

Robert Calco bobcalco at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 17:53:53 PST 2021

So I have a stone running GemStone 3.6.0 (limited edition) and I'd like to
configure it to enable development using GsDevKit_home. The documentation
seems a bit dated and I'm curious how I can get started?

My only experience developing against GS so far is using Jade on Windows,
but I'm interested to explore GsDevKit_home as an alternative. Any pointers
to understanding how to use it and how it works greatly appreciated. I am
familiar with Pharo 8, but versions earlier than 7 I have not used.

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> That's good news. Thanks to Dale for his work !
> Marten
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