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Jupiter Jones jupiter.jones at mail.com
Fri Mar 12 21:31:57 PST 2021

Hi Dale,
> When you say “new mac installation scripts” do you mean updating the GsDevKit/bin shell scripts to support the M1? Is there a version of GS that will run on the M1 yet?
> No I'm referring to your comment in the "Darwin Downloads > 3.5.2" mail
> I noticed that after version 3.5.2, the Darwin downloads are in .dmg format so are not working with GsDevKit
> I haven't done development on a Mac for several years now, so I didn't relaize that the changes for Darwin were that dramatic, but I'm assuming that there is a programmatic (read `bash shell`) what to install a .dmg file ... if there is a programmatic way to install a .dmg file then the $GS_HOME/bin/downloadGemStone could be modified unpack the .dmg file in the right spot ... if it has to be done manually, then at a minimum the instructions for unpacking manually could be posted to the stdout …

Ah, cool. Will do.

I will create a new issue for this if I can’t find an existing one. I will browse through the issues first to make sure I don’t double up.

> Leave the rest to me, since much of the installation will be changing quite a bit ... Rowan has changed in the last year or so and superdoit makes things quite a bit simpler ...
> BTW, I looked at the error stack, and I'll guess that the FileSystem code used by Rowan might not be up-to-snuff ... I'll make a point of checking that out on our development macs before I release things to you …

Will do. Let me know when you have time to chat about it all. If you’d like to me sit in when you’re working on this, we can use slack.

> I really appreciate you stepping up to the task …

My pleasure. It’s been a pretty rough couple of years for us but we’re coming out it with hope and direction :) I’m just sorry I haven’t had more time to offer as you guys have been so supportive.

Chat soon.


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