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Otto Behrens otto at finworks.biz
Tue Oct 25 03:38:12 PDT 2022


When we do migrations in our GemStone 3.6.5 databases, we sometimes do some
cleanup before we start migrating because we discovered some loose ends
before the release. This creates dead objects; then we have to ensure that
the dead objects are garbage collected because our migration process picks
up any object that can be migrated.

This process takes the system offline and we can then stop any "user" level
gems / topaz sessions. This helps to get migrations to run reliably through.

I am assuming the best way is to do a full markForCollection and reclaim
before we start listing objects that should be migrated. Is this a
reasonable approach?

We run SystemRepository reclaimAll after the markForCollection. We then try
to wait for all dead objects to be collected, but dead objects are still in
the repository. We use

SystemRepository findReferencePathToObject: (Object _objectForOop: xxx)

and then get

*** Scan completed *** (object is dead) Total time is 5 seconds

Is there a way to synchronously wait until the space used by dead objects
has been reclaimed? (and the object would not be picked up by
listInstances). This assumes that the only way to really know if an object
has been removed is if the space has been reclaimed. Or is there another
approach that will work?


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