[Glass] Error trying to connect to gemstone from topaz (using newly created stone)

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 13:37:53 PST 2014

Hi guys,

I am trying the great tool of Norbert: https://github.com/noha/stone-creator
to create new stones. I have some fixes already (I will share them later)
but now I have a problem and I am kind of stuck.

I am trying to connect with topaz to my newly created stone and when I try
to login I get this error in topaz:

GemStone: Error         Fatal
Unable to attach to shared cache,   GemStone could not retrieve the
IPC identifier associated with the memory
  key 771815731.  shmget() error = errno=13,EACCES, Authorization
failure (permission denied).

Error Category: [GemStone] Number: 4139  Arg Count: 1
Arg 1: 20

Login failed due to errors.

The only think I can think of is that I am starting netldi with one OS user
and running the stone with another one. Is that a problem?

[LucidiaLLC at centosserver gemstone]$ gslist -lcv
Status   Version    Owner    Pid   Port   Started     Type       Name
------- --------- --------- ----- ----- ------------ ------      ----
  OK   marianopeck  2642 50377 Jan 09 16:27 Netldi      gs64ldi
  OK   UserXXX  2584 34036 Jan 09 16:27 Stone       XXX
  OK   UserXXX  2586 49214 Jan 09 16:27 cache

As you can see, I am starting stone with UserXXX and netldi with

In my case, I have (I will actually) multiple stones, each running under
its own OS user. What should I do with netldi?

Thanks in advance!

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