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Tue Oct 21 11:51:13 PDT 2014

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Dale Henrichs <
dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com> wrote:

> Upon further review it is very likely related to a logic error in the
> signal handling logic in the vm in the presence of a partial continuation
> (which we're using)... the signal handling logic is a bit complicated and
> we are interested in getting to the bottom of this, so there are a couple
> of things that we could do ..
> 1. The easiest of all is for us to get our hands on the extent and
> reproduce the problem
>     in our "lab" then we can easily use gdb to trace execution, etc.
> Perhaps a sanitized copy
>     of the extent that exhibits the problem.

Hi Dale,

Stupid question...if I send the simple extent, are you able to run it just
like that? No problem which OS user I was using, which gemtone
username/pass I was using, etc?  I guess you can also use a swazoo adaptor
to avoid nginx..
would you need anything else besides the extent file and maybe tranlogs?


> 2. If we can't get our sweaty little hands on an extent directly, a second
> option would be to
>     use vpn to run gdb against your system in your environment ... not
> quite as convenient as
>     option 1, but being able to directly debug using gdb still makes
> things easier.
> 3. The final option is to resort to print statement debugging where we
> instrument up the Metacello
>     code and add some print statements to the vm code in a private build
> and have you reproduce
>     the problem and then send us the logs ... if we're lucky the first set
> of logs will be sufficient for us
>     to isolate the problem, if not we'll repeat the cycle until we've
> characterized and (hipefully) fixed the
>     problem ...
> Like I said, we're interested in getting to the bottom of this so let us
> know how you'd like to proceed.
> Dale

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