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> Am 08.09.2014 um 20:37 schrieb Dale Henrichs:
> >
> > Soooo, I think that at the end of the day libpam needs to be installed
> > on your system along with possibly other libraries ... I am getting a
> > clean 12.04 Ubuntu vm built that I can update the install scripts to
> > install the necessary 32 bit and 64 bit libraries for GemStone ...
> Ouch, that's a pretty bad base ... we had VASmalltalk servers already
> running under 12.04LTS and we had to use the 32bit subsystem - our
> administrators were not that happy to install the 32bit subsystem but
> instead wished, that the developers (we) move towards 64bit apps. Bok,
> that can be changed.
> But I assume, that I do not need to install tOde under Linux - but use
> it from a Windows clients. Therefore perhaps the script should be
> divided into two parts:
> * installation of gemstone
> * (optional) installation of tODE.
> Good point and that's absolutely correct, the 32 bit libraries are only
required for tODE and I do want to make it easy for the optional
installation of tODE ...

Over the month or so that GsDevKit has been out, I have seen several places
where I need to restructure things, so I am glad that I am getting
additional independent feedback (some has come via private mail - but I
prefer public mail so that others can benefit from the conversation:)
before I make another pass through GsDevKit ...

At the end of the day, I do anticipate that tODE will "always" be installed
on the server ... many of the GsDevKit scripts themselves leverage tODE and
I have also been writing server-side scripts in Pharo (non-tODE) so that I
and anyone else writing scripts could avoid having to use bash ...

Hmmm, I do expect that the bash scripts will be able to leverage the
existence of pharo on the server and therefore scripts that are run on the
server will need to have the 32 bit libraries installed .... so at the end
of the day I would think that GsDevKit will want to be able to expect that
a headless pharo client can be run ...

I hate to think that I will have to write the cross-platform scripts in
something other than Smalltalk ... bash is such a horrible programming
environment ...

Is the requirement for 32 bit libraries a deal breaker and if so, how many
folks can't use gSdevKit if it requires 32 bit libraries?

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