[Glass] Lots of seaside objects not being GCed (need gemstone advise)

Otto Behrens via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Jul 6 01:51:16 PDT 2015

Just some ideas...


> WAGemStoneMaintenanceTask maintenanceTaskMarkForCollect performTask: 0.
> WAGemStoneMaintenanceTask maintenanceTaskExpiration performTask: 0.

These 2 steps should be swapped, I think. First expire and then MFC.

Then, double check the transaction management of the maintenance task.
Should commit correctly.

> System beginTransaction.

Don't need this.

> SystemRepository reclaimAll.

I found that this does not work directly after MFC in same GS session.
I would log out and back in. Your session may still hold onto the
objects you're trying to get rid of (although not explicitly).

> SystemRepository startNewLog.
> System commitTransaction.

Nothing to do with transactions

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