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Wed Oct 21 14:16:20 PDT 2015

Ok. so I went down the wrong road here...

If putting everything under GsDevKit_home is preferred, then i will use
that (as I stated above, there is no old data that needs saving).  I was
under the (false) impression /op/gemstone and GsDevKit shared files.

So to avoid future confusion, I removed /opt/gemstone from my VM, and
re-ran the installServer from a fresh clone.  I also had to update my
profile to remove references to /opt/gemstone

The stone seems to be running according to the 'stones' command.

next I need to start netldi with the correct port, so I stopped the stone,
but I cannot get the stopNetldi to work:
...finished stopStone
gemstone at ubuntu:~/GsDevKit_home$ stopNetldi seaside_ldi
   GsDevKit script: stopNetldi seaside_ldi
              path: /home/gemstone/GsDevKit_home/bin/stopNetldi
stopping netldi seaside_ldi
$GEMSTONE environment not set correctly

It looks like I missed a step somewhere to set the $GEMSTONE var.  what
should it be set to?

On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 1:07 PM, Dale Henrichs <
dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com> wrote:

> On 10/21/2015 12:52 PM, Jon Paynter wrote:
>> So after the server install finally finished, I followed instructions to
>> get tode client installed on my local PC here at the office.  but when I
>> tried to log in, I got a gci version mismatch error.  It seems my attempt
>> to install gemstone 3.2.8 only went partially through, but everything used
>> the old 3.1.x version that was already installed.
> Well this supposition does not match with how the tode client works ...
> when you select a stone to connect to, the session description file for
> that stone is loaded and the gci file that is explicitly defined in the
> session description is used for the login. If no gci file is explicitly
> defined, then the gci file that includes the gemstone version in it's name
> is used ... if there is no matching gci file then you get a "external
> module not found"
> Soooo, if you are getting a version mismatch error then the most likely
> explanation is that the session description file the stone on your client
> has a different version than the session description file on the remote
> server ...
> I say "likely" because there are a number of possible alternate
> explanations --- without seeing the exact error message and seeing the
> session description files themselves (from client and server) I can only
> guess ...
> So I re-ran the installGemstone.sh script to install 3.2.8.  but when I
>> tried to start the stone, it gave an error about a wrong keyfile because
>> /opt/gemstone/product still pointed to 3.1.x.   but when I changed the
>> symlink to point to the 3.2.8 install, and then i could not find
>> seaside/system.conf.  So I copied the seaside folder to the new install
>> dir, but then gemstone crashed on startup.
> The fact that /opt/gemstone/product is involved makes me wonder just what
> system you are using ... GsDevKit_home does not put anything into
> /opt/gemstone/product so the fact that /opt/gemstone/product is implied
> implies that you are not actually using GsDevKit_home or ????
> If you are using the installGemStone.sh script, you are not using
> GsDevKit_home ... I'm not capable of helping if you are going to mix
> systems like this ... or you need to be very clear about what you are
> trying to do by running scripts that aren't part of GsDevKit_home ....
> Dale
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