[Glass] Where should I put my own bash scripts in GsDevKit_home?

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Wed Nov 9 13:41:07 PST 2016

On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 6:35 PM, Dale Henrichs <
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> On 11/9/16 1:35 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass wrote:
> Dale,
> I am wondering where it is supposed someone would store his own stone-wide
> bash scripts. It looks to me the correct place MAY be
> `$GS_HOME/sys/local/bin`. And that directory is associated to a git repo:
> https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_sys_local.
> So...it is nice to know I could manage all the GsDevKit_sys_local in my
> own git fork. But...I have a couple of questions:
> 1) Say I add stuff (like some bash scripts) into
>  `$GS_HOME/sys/local/bin`. For a moment imagine I do not commit this into
> my own git fork. So...what would happen when I update gsDevKit_home? how
> can I be sure I won't loose those files with a latest override from your
> git repo?
> The update uses git pull, so barring any collisions your local uncommitted
> scripts will be untouched ...
> The original GsDevKit_sys_local[1] project simply provides a standard
> directory structure for your scripts so there is no intention to ever put
> any scripts or files in any of those directories, except the README.md file
> (which is the placeholder to ensure that git will create the directory).
> [1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_sys_local
> 2) Say I do want to commit all that directory into my own git fork. Where
> in gsDevKit_home configuration  can I tell it which URL/branch should be
> used for GsDevKit/GsDevKit_sys_local ?
> Mariano, I had written a detailed answer to this step, but I lost the edit
before I could send it ... I will have to re-create the answer :(
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