[Glass] gemstone again,

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Wed Nov 1 09:23:47 PDT 2017


I think you should be using the DataCurator user to login (topaz command):

   set u DataCurator p swordfish

Take a look at the GsDevKit_home project[1] on GitHub, if you haven't 
already. There are a number of helper scripts in the $GS_HOME/bin 
directory for create/start/stop/delete operations for stones, netldi, 
and topaz ...

Unfortunately I won't be at Smalltalks this year, but Martin and James 
will be there and they might be able to answer some of your questions.



On 11/1/17 9:12 AM, Juan via Glass wrote:
> Hello
> I'm going back to using Gemstone, and I'm stuck in a newbie question.
> I did not install it since the time of glass, but I try to return to the ring.
> I can not log in topaz.
> the log says:
>     Incorrect password for user 'glass'.
>      error = Password validation failed for user glass,
> pam_authenticate error: 9, Authentication service can not retrieve
> authentication info
> ok password error.
> the interesting thing is that it does not matter the user that always
> puts the error is with glass.
> Maybe I made some installation error but I can not reverse it.
> I used the credentials of the manual with the still current swordfish
> passw. :) but I do not agree
> This introduction also serves to pick up the thread with gemstone and
> join the community.
> regards
> Juan Cortez
> btw: I will attend the 2017 smalltalks in "la plata city".
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