[Glass] Topez error using commands on remote stone

Gareth Cox gareth at inspired.org
Tue Mar 26 13:14:11 PDT 2019

Thanks Dale

The server is just a stone, its not the Gs_DevKit.
My plan is to run just the server (as you would in production) but 
connect to it to install the relevant code.

So I downloaded gemstone from https://gemtalksystems.com/products/gs64/ 
and installed it according the to install instructions on the same URL.
I modified the netldi as per your instructions for connecting to a 
remote stone. Which appears to work since 'Test Login' works.
Do I need tode on the remote server as well?


> Dusty,
> It looks like you are using tODE to login into a server that does not
> have tODE installed ...
>       createStone xxx_343 3.4.3
> Should create a stone with tODE installed ...
> The stone `xxx_343` should show up in the stone list for the `Open
> Shell` menu item in your tODE client and the `project list` command
> should work without in error ...
> Presumably you have done something slightly different in your particular
> case ... a more detailed description how you created your stone and any
> other information about what you are trying to do should help me help
> you ...
> Dale
> On 3/25/19 10:35 AM, Gareth Cox via Glass wrote:
>> I finally managed to connect to a remote stone (Following dales docs on GitHub).
>> The login works, but any command I run produces the following error.
>> Any thoughts?
>> tode 1 > project list
>> Topez ERROR: Error: Unable to log into server:a CompileError occurred (error 1001), undefined symbol  TDTopezServerwith: 'TDTopezServer createFor: 1'
>> tode 1 >
>> Dusty
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