[Glass] Gemstone 3.6.0 is now working with GsDevKit (in a ", " locale oriented environment)

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Fri Feb 5 09:12:11 PST 2021

Hello Robert,

The documentation is a bit old, but other than the versions of GemStone, 
the functionality hasn't change much. Unfortunately I am not a good 
writer, so the documentation does suffer. If you (oar anyone else) has a 
gift for writing I would welcome contributions:)

The basic shell commands for manipulating stones are:

  * createStone
  * stopStone
  * startStone
  * deleteStone
  * startTopaz
  * newExtent
  * startNetldi
  * stopNetldi

Each of the scripts has help (-h option) that describes the script in 
more detail. The basic theory of operation is that each stone is named, 
so you can easily manage multiple stones and multiple versions of GemStone.

When you create a stone a directory $GS_HOME/server/stones/<stone-name> 
is created and this directory is where all of the files associated with 
the stone are located (logs, extents. tranlogs, symbolic link to product 
tree, etc.).  All of the above commands take a <stone-name> as an 
argument ... If you are familiar with GemStone every GemStone command 
requires the $GEMSTONE env variable to be defined and in GsDevKit_home, 
$GEMSTONE is defined in the scripts themselves using the <stone-name> as 
a lookup key. It is easy to manage multiple stones in the same shell 
window without worrying about constantly setting your $GEMSTONE env var.

GsDevKit_home was created so that it would be easier to work with 
GLASS/GsDevKit. GLASS/GsDefKit is basically a collection of several 
github based projects that provides a pharo-compatibility layer for 
running Seaside as well as other open source projects that have been 
ported from Pharo to GLASS/GsDevKit.

tODE was originally created as a full-featured development for 
GLASS/GsDevKit, but whether or not you use tODE for development (many if 
not most of the GsDevKit_home users develop in Pharo and deploy in 
GemStone), tODE provides support for loading and managing projects and 
should be included when you are creating stones/projects in GsDevKit_home.

Over the last several years we have been working on Rowan (replacement 
for Metacello/Monticello), Jadeite (Rowan-based dev GUI based on Dolphin 
and forked from Jade) and Sparkle (Rowan-based dev GUI based on Pharo) 
... when the Rowan eco-system is ready for prime-time, the github-based 
projects will be converted to Rowan and tODE will no longer be a 
"required" component of GsDevKit_home.

Hopefully, this will give you a bit more information and feel free to 
ask more questions.


On 2/4/21 5:53 PM, Robert Calco via Glass wrote:
> So I have a stone running GemStone 3.6.0 (limited edition) and I'd 
> like to configure it to enable development using GsDevKit_home. The 
> documentation seems a bit dated and I'm curious how I can get started?
> My only experience developing against GS so far is using Jade on 
> Windows, but I'm interested to explore GsDevKit_home as an 
> alternative. Any pointers to understanding how to use it and how it 
> works greatly appreciated. I am familiar with Pharo 8, but versions 
> earlier than 7 I have not used.
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 2:02 AM Marten Feldtmann via Glass 
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> <mailto:glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com>> wrote:
>     That's good news. Thanks to Dale for his work !
>     Marten
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